Grandmother’s Group

A group of 10 women, age 65 and above, most of them widowed. They meet twice a month for luncheon and a social gathering, and to receive a small food supplement bundle of eggs, corn, beans, and cooking oil to help them meet their caloric needs. They also have access to the dispensary of low cost medications under the direction of our Registered Nurse, and several of them have participated in our eco stove project.
These women represent a wealth of knowledge, and their contributions to their community and to their extended families cannot be overstated.

The portrait is of Adelia Cardona Agustin.

  • She lives alone with her youngest son, who is developmentally challenged. Her other 5 children are in the Capital or other parts of the country, and she misses them very much. She keeps rabbits, sheep and pigs, and prepares food to sell in the market. She enjoys the camaraderie of the Granmothers' Group, and wishes it could be expanded to include more participants.
  • Favourite activities/topics in the Women's Group: care of the newborn, preparing balanced meals, access to the dispensary (Alianza maintains a small dispensary available to program participants and their families).

One of her children receives a scholarship and is scoring 90% and higher in all her classes. Rosaura is very active in the Women's Group, often organizing other women for outings to the city for conferences.

The Group

Attended by 40 grandmothers from a variety of villages in and around Comitancillo. Women are 60+ years of age with scarce economic resources. Meetings are held monthly and are well attended. The women often share stories from their past experiences, how life used to be in Comitancillo, how their culture and their language are disappearing. These stories are not documented. The women shared with the board that they would "be very proud to have their stories documented otherwise they may be forgotten".

Comments from participants:
"Thank you for supporting the project and for the food supplements. Please remember us. Don't forget about us".