Women’s Health Group

This is a group of 10 women who meet twice a month to eat lunch together and attend presentations and discussions on topics such as nutrition and family planning. They also have access to low (or no) cost medications from our dispensary, consultations with our Registered Nurse, Heidi, and our eco-stove project. Many of their children have received Alianza scholarships.

This is a photo of Rosaura Adelia Matias Miranda, age 38.

  • Home village: Chicajalaj.
  • Occupation: home maker, market vendor.
  • Favourite activities/topics in the Women's Group: care of the newborn, preparing balanced meals, access to the dispensary (Alianza maintains a small dispensary available to program participants and their families).

One of her children receives a scholarship and is scoring 90% and higher in all her classes. Rosaura is very active in the Women's Group, often organizing other women for outings to the city for conferences.